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The Narasimhacharis have worked together to build a life dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in classical art. Whether they perform for the sophisticated medium of television or in the simple atmosphere of a bare stage, what will always be evident is the freshness and originality of their dancing which is nevertheless firmly grounded in tradition and purity of true art. Their naturalness, sincerity and dedication to the best in Indian culture will commend them to audiences everywhere.
“The couple enacted south Indian dance dreams with flashing grace, darting energy”
- The Financial Times, London
“For the couple M.V.Narasimhachari and M.Vasanthalakshmi, dance is a penance.”
– The Hindu, Chennai
“a gifted couple, highly talented and valuable cultural delegates from India…In Tarangam they performed intricate footwork on the rim of a brass plate filled with water and does not spill of Simhanandini Vasanthalakshmi’s deft footwork paints the huge figure of an Asoka lion on framed canvas.”
- The Working People’s Daily, Myanmar (Burma)
“Narasimhachari’s soul- stirring music and Vasanthalakshmi’s graceful, coy gestures and flawless foot work made a laudable impact.”
-  FREE PRESS, Bombay
“Narasimhachari sang the varnam and the way he handled Sankarabharanam might have evoked the envy of professional vocalists.”
“Vasanthalakshmi was an epitome of beauty and grace.”
-  THE HINDU,Chennai
“The Dover lane Music conference – A duet Bharatanatyam performance by Vasanthalakshmi and Narasimhachari, was undoubtedly among one of the finest seen in recent times.”
-  THE TELEGRAPH, Calcutta.
“Narasimhachari and Vasanthalakshmi, teachers and performers, staged the ‘Kuchelopakyanam’ and the traditional tarangam. The mastery of the pair, kept the audience spell bound.”
- Indian Express, Madurai
“The Narasimhacharis have a heroic stage presence…and use the magic of their powerful voice to effect…”
- La MONDE, Mauritius
“…their competence, skill and talent were outstanding…at the end…the closing scene filled our hearts with a deep feeling of spirituality and reverence to the Buddha…”
-MIRROR, Burma

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