Vasanthalakshmi, who began her career in dance at a very young age, joined Narasimhachari as his wife and partner in the year 1969. When Chari wedded Vasantha Lakshmi, Guru M.D. Ramanathan rightly foretold that this little lady will bring both Vasantham (spring) and Lakshmi(wealth) into his life.

Specializing in nattuvangam, Vasanthalakshmi also contributes the lyrics for their compositions and assists her husband in all their choreography. She has to her credit, several Sabdams, Padams, Varnams and Mangalams. She has also written the lyrics and composed the music for a unique Varnam set to the raga Shanmukhapriya and Khanda nadai Adi tala on Lord Subrahmanya. This challenging piece is being greatly appreciated by senior artistes and has found a place in the repertoire of several young dancers.

She is a veena player too. Vasanthalakshmi trained on the Veena under Smt. Kamala Aswathama and has enthralled audiences with her sweet command of the instrument.

Vasanthalakshmi is a guru of great caliber and is known for her creative brilliance and beauty that comes from uncommon humility!

She is not only a professional dancer and guru par excellence in both  Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi, but a gifted linguist, lyricist and an unmatched nattuvanar. Her perfect diction of complex rhythmic syllables are a treat to the learned ear.

Vasanthalakshmi’s expertise with the “Simhanandana Tala Chitra Nrithyam”  in which the dancer draws the image of a lion with her feet has won her critical acclaim.