Made for Each Other

Narasimhachari and Vasanthalakshmi are well-known and highly respected performers, teachers and choreographers of the Bharathanatyam and Kuchipudi styles of Indian classical dance.

Together this ‘Made for each other couple’ (as the press often refers to them) felt greater strength and impetus for progress. They have trained in Kuchipudi from Sri. Pasumarthi Venugopala Krishna Sharma, Sri. Mahankali Satyanarayana and Sri C.R. Acharya. The Narasimhacharis then learnt Odissi from Sri. Ramani Ranjan Jena, Kathak from Sri Vishnu Vaichalkar, Mohini Attam from Smt Vasantha Aravind and Kathakali from Kavi Aravind.

In 1969, they started the Kalasamarpana Foundation, an academy for thepropagation and promotion of the fine arts. Here numerous worthy students are taught not only the nuances of the art but also to be worthy human beings.Together with their students, the Narasimhacharis have produced as many as thirty-two dance-dramas and thematic presentations.

The Narasimhacharis have travelled the world as cultural ambassadors showcasing the richness and glory of India in each of their performances, lecture-demonstrations and workshops.

Exposure to such varied classical art forms has enriched their choreography.

Performing professionally together since 1969, they have enchantedaudiences both in India and abroad with their beautiful technique, sensitive expression, original choreography and sincere devotion to the art. Their presentations are visual wonders creating on stage unforgettable images of human life.

For this couple, dance is a penance-a beautiful tool to convey messages of historical, religious and social relevance with aestheticism.