Services Offered

The Kalasamarpana Foundation (now the classical wing of Rasoham) is run by the legendary dancers Narasimhachari & Vasanthalakshmi.

Kalasamarpana Foundation was started by The Narasimhacharis in 1969. Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi, two major classical dance styles  of South India and vocal music are being taught here. It is a rewarding  experience to watch students, both Indian and Foreign, graduate from the  institution, year after year. Many of them have established Schools of  their own and  have carved a niche for themselves in the field of  Fine Arts. In addition to teaching, the Narasimhacharis have been  performing professionally  since 1969, and have travelled extensively. They have been striving to build  a life  dedicated  to the pursuit of excellence in classical  art. In the process of broadening and deepening their knowledge of dance,  music and literature, they gave expression  to dance-dramas  on varied themes. These ranged from the mythological  and historical to the contemporary and the abstract.


  • The K.S.F. offers courses in Bharatanatyam,Kuchipudi, Vocal Music and Nattuvangam.
  • Choreography offered for thematic presentations, dance-dramas or individual  dance numbers.
  • Composing the music or jethis for a given composition.
  • Courses  tailored to suit specific needs and requirements.
  • Work-shops on all the above subjects depending on the seriousness and  merit of the offer.
  • Working in collaboration with fellow-artistes, Indian and  Western, on  interesting and challenging themes.


“We realise that learning  is an endless process and art  helps one experience the joy of progress in  life as well. We are gratified to find our daughters, Lavanya and Lasya, along with all our students, musicians and the rest of us at the K.S.F family reciprocating this feeling.

“Having dedicated our lives to the service of art, we hope to contribute substantially to the awareness of this beautiful medium through teaching and performing.”

– The Narasimhacharis

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